Could a Heat Death Be Necessary for Life?: The Musings of a Panentheist

By MR Kane S Latranz

Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, United States, 2013. Condition: New. Language: English. Brand new Book. WE HAVE MET THE “HEAT DEATH” OF THE UNIVERSE IN PROGRESS, AND IT IS. US? In the unauthorized collection of essays, The Theory of Everything, by Stephen Hawking, he describes mixing as a process of entropy, and entropy as disorder. He gives the example of 2 types of molecules in a box, separated by a barrier. Remove the barrier and the 2 types of molecules will mix together, increasing their entropy. I wondered about hydrogen and oxygen separated by a barrier. If hydrogen and oxygen do not mix together, they cannot form molecular bonds to result in H2O. Water, that stuff generally favored by life that covers most of the Earth and that makes up most of our bodies, including our brains. If mixing is entropy and entropy is disorder, were they telling me that water is disorder? Then there is the arrow of time. A water glass falls off a table to shatter on the floor. The fact that a glass will do this now and then but will never reform up on the table from which it fell demonstrates the one-way street of…



A fresh e-book with a brand new perspective. This is certainly for anyone who statte that there had not been a really worth reading. I am just happy to explain how this is the very best publication i have go through in my individual lifestyle and may be he best pdf for ever. — Margarett Roob

The very best publication i possibly study. This is certainly for anyone who statte there was not a worth looking at. I am just very happy to tell you that this is basically the best pdf i actually have study inside my individual life and could be he very best pdf for possibly. — Darlene Blick




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